Thrive Yoga Studios: a Yoga Studio Collective

We Cultivate Conscious Communities

Our spaces create opportunities for people to connect with themselves and to the collective. We believe that the world would be a different place if we gave ourselves permission to live more authentically. Through thoughtful collaboration we can transform our yoga community; improve the value of yoga, strengthen our position as leaders in the world of wellness, and grow our impact! Why? Because we need each other; “Nature creates unity even in the parts of a whole.” We invite you to share our mission and join us!

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We are your local neighborhood studio. Our goal is to serve all thriving communities, not just the large, urban areas. We can help you build a profitable studio and a thriving yoga community in your hometown. Does your hometown need a nourishing, community space?


This yoga studio collective was founded by yoga studio owners and our goal is to empower brave yogi-preneurs from all socioeconomic backgrounds. We don't require high net worths, or expensive franchise fees. We have built a collective that is fair & reasonable.


Owning a yoga studio is hard work and it requires that you invest your whole heart and soul! We have built systems, processes and networks that help unburden the studio owner so that their studio ownership experience remains steady, with ease, full of growth, grace and joy.


We invest in the future of Thrive Yoga Studio Owners. We have extensive on-boarding training, monthly technical trainings, weekly one-on-one sessions and unique opportunities such as owners retreats that blend business with pleasure. Ask us about our owner development curriculum. 

Open a Thrive Yoga

We are seeking passionate yogi-preneurs whose heartfelt mission is to create mindful, loving, inclusive communities where everyone can thrive!  We walk alongside you in site selection, opening your studio, hiring & training the most talented staff, building transformative programming, managing studio profitability and the development of your own proprietary revenue streams. Together we work to establish and grow your very own wellness sanctuary. If this resonates with you then you’re exactly who we have been looking for to help bring Thrive Yoga Studios Nationwide. Contact us today to learn more!

Why Choose Thrive Yoga

Thrive Yoga is your locally-owned, neighborhood yoga studio. Each studio is owned autonomously and supported by the brand management team and our talented group of Studio Owners. Each studio has over eight successful revenue streams, the best profit margins in the yoga industry, receives access to free business coaching and on-going training. We operate as a studio collective that is growth-oriented and committed to doing meaningful work. We are NOT a franchise, though we do leverage the known benefits of a franchise model to help our individual studio owners grow and THRIVE!

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